Vocational Consulting Services, Inc. was founded in January 1998. VCS, Inc. offers a multitude of vocational services, including attorney referral and Workers’ Compensation cases, as well as expert witness testimony in Social Security cases.  VCS, Inc. will travel to your location.

Today, VCS, Inc. has grown to provide numerous additional vocational services, including:

  • Social Security Disability claimant representation
  • company and professional presentations and training workshops
  • disability management employer assistance
  • vocational expert assistance for personal injury, wrongful discharge, product liability, divorce, Americans with Disabilities Act and more.

McKeonVCS, Inc. focuses on proactive approaches to Workers’ Compensation and long-term disability. We help clients develop strategies for returning injured workers to the work force. We provide comprehensive job analyses; direct, logical vocational rehabilitation; and individual career and vocational counseling.

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Did you know?

    • Social Security claims are rarely approved on the first application, and must be appealed; assistance with the appeals process is recommended. [More]
    • There are approximately 7 million workplace injuries and illnesses reported every year, and 40% of them involve lost work time.
    • More than $160 billion is spent on disability-related expenses each year, and employers bear a large portion of these expenses.
    • Workplace incidents, as well as non-work-related disabilities, cost employers directly as well as indirectly.
    • The Americans with Disabilities Act, Workers’ Compensation, Reasonable & Ergonomic Accommodations & Modifications and Family and Medical Leave Act all interact with each other, and affect employees and employers alike.
    • The Americans with Disabilities Act applies to both physical and mental disabilities; these issues are often related to workplace stress.


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